Parkers Crossroads RV Park and Campground


Call Us at 731-968-9939 or Email Us at for your reservations

Our Rates 

 Daily Rate (Includes Cable and Wireless)          
 $  28.50
 Weekly Rate (Includes both Cable and Wireless                                
 Storage Rate for RVs and Boats
           Daily Camping Rate for Stored RVs   
 $  40.00
 $  24.50 

 Monthly Rates (Includes Wireless Only)
   Extended Stay 3 months or less   $350.00 + Sales Tax
  Extended Stay 4 months or more   $350.00
           Extended rates includes an allowance for $50
               of Electricity                                          
 Usage > $50 * curr-rate
   Cable is an addtional charge to Extended Stay Rates
 $30.00 monthly 

 Cabin Rates 
 Daily Rate (No Linens)     $  25.00 
       Daily Rate with Linens provided
 $  35.00

 Please note that Cabins are Rustic. They have Power, A/C,Cable, 
TV,small refrigerator, small microwave but NO water. You must Campground Showers and Toilets